Are you looking to buy Windows 7?

Although Windows 8 is currently on the market, many computer users are still using Windows XP (which is coming to end of support on April 8, 2014) and Windows 7. Although Windows Vista is also available, most people feel that is, by far, an inferior program when compared to Windows XP and Windows 7.

So, when it comes to whether or not a user should upgrade from XP to 7, there are a number of compelling reasons to do so.

Start Up

First and foremost, Windows 7 has a much faster boot time than Windows XP. This means that it is able to be used more quickly than its predecessor. Anyone who has had to sit through a computer shutting down and then restarting knows that the less time involved, the better. 


For those operating on home networks, it’s important to know that Windows 7 has a much stronger networking capability than Windows XP. What this means is that it’s actually quite simple to create a network on a computer, and then use that network to share various pictures, documents, videos, and even printers. 


When it comes to security, Windows 7 is far superior to Windows XP. Under the Windows XP system, there are a number of different ways for someone with bad intentions to cause problems on a system. However, Windows 7 has made it far more difficult for hackers and troublemakers to gain access. Naturally, it can still be done, but it’s much more difficult. This means that a person doesn’t have to be a computer security expert in order to have a computer that is safe from being tampered with.

Battery Life

Many computer users have laptop computers, and the good news with Windows 7 is that it delivers increased battery performance over Windows XP. This is made possible by Windows 7 actually regulating power to different programs on the computer. When a computer isn’t using a program, for example, Windows 7 literally delivers less power to the computer than Windows XP does.


When it comes to using a computer, most people insist upon the most reliable system possible. Windows 7 is actually more reliable than Windows XP. Tests conducted by both Microsoft and independent research firms showed that Windows 7 computers “crashed” far less often than Windows XP systems.

In the end, taken as a whole, many Windows users will be better served by going with the Windows 7 upgrade, as opposed to remaining with Windows XP.